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Detektor Gas GE

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09 / 03 / 2022
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▶ Programmable Logic Controllers
- IC693ACC301 Replacement Battery
- GE IC693ACC302 Auxiliary Battery Module
- GE IC693ACC300 Input Simulator Module
- IC693ACC302 High capacity battery pack
- GE IC693ACC300 Input Simulator Module

The Series 90-30 PLC is very versatile because (1) it is programmable, and (2) it is assembled from a wide variety of modular, plug-together components. Therefore, by choosing the correct components and developing an appropriate program, the PLC can be used for an almost unlimited variety of applications. Although there are many choices of individual hardware components to use in a system, there are just a few basic categories. Each of these component categories is covered in detail in a separate chapter in this manual. They are introduced in this chapter so you can see how they fit together
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